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100 demons, 12 tribes, 200 north, 59 times the pain, 7 angels 7 plagues, a stained glass romance, across five aprils, adamantium, all that remains, american head charge, apartment 26, as i lay dying, as the sun sets, astrology, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, big stars, bile, black, bleeding through, blood for blood, blood has been shed, born blind, burn it down, burnt by the sun, candles, chevelle, coal chamber, cold as life, cooking, cuddling, darkest hour, dead blue sky, dead poetic, dead to fall, decor, deftones, diecast, dillinger escape plan, drawing, drown in tears, drowningman, elves, endo, endthisday, evergreen terrace, everytime i die, eyeofchaos.com, eyes, factory 81, fairies, fantasy, fata, finch, for the love of, from autum to ashes, further seems forever, gir, glassjaw, glitter, godforbid, heaven shall burn, himsa, hopesfall, in dying days, in pieces, invader zim, kidney thieves, killswitch engage, kisses, l. j. smith, lenore, little stars, love is red, make up, martyr ad, me without you, monochrome, most precious blood, movies, msi, my ruin, nightmare before christmas, nora, norma jean, nothingface, one nation under, orgy, otep, paint the sky red, painting, piercings, poison the well, project 86, reach the sky, remembering never, romance, saved by grace, sevendust, shadows fall, sick of it all, silver, skycamefalling, snuggling, spineshank, stars, stars stars stars, sxe, taking back sunday, taproot, tattoos, the cure, the hope conspiracy, the used, throwdown, thursday, time in malta, today is the day, tori amos, twelve tribes, undying, unearth, unjust, waking kills the dream, walls of jericho, when dreams die, with dead hands rising, zao, zodiacs